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Briefly in English

Join us – find joy and experiences – be active!

Olarin Voimistelijat offers varied exercise for children, young people and adults. Participation in recreational classes does not require previous experience in gymnastics. You can try the classes twice before committing to the whole season. In the spring season 2024, gymnastics will be offered from 8 January to 5 May 2024.

The classes

You can find all recreational classes by Olarin Voimistelijat here. You can search for suitable groups by year of birth, and the page will display all the classes that match your age group. Olarin Voimistelijat offers the following classes:

  • Family exercise (0–7 years)
  • Gymnastics school (3–9 years)
  • Tricks school (4–6 years)
  • Group gymnastics (from 5 years)
  • Rhythmic gymnastics (from 5 years)
  • Cheerleading (from 7 years)
  • Acrobatic gymnastics (8–10 years)
  • Flow gymnastics (from 8 years)
  • Gymnastics (10–13 years)
  • Group exercise for adults (over 16 years)

Registration for all groups is primarily online. Olarin Voimistelijat uses the myClub system for registration, communication and invoicing. You must create your own myClub username to sign up. You can create your username when registering. More information and instructions on how to use myClub are available here.

If the group is not full, you can also register in the middle of the season. All classes can be tried twice before deciding to commit to the group for the rest of the season. The due date of the invoice can be postponed, if necessary (longer payment time than 14 days). For all matters relating to invoicing, please contact laskutus(at)

If you have already paid the season fee but cannot find a suitable group, the season fee and membership fee will be refunded in full. If you wish to cancel your registration, please contact us immediately at laskutus(at) Please note that, after the two tryout classes, season fees will only be refunded against a doctor’s certificate.

For any additional information, please contact the recreational manager: tel. +358452390930 / harrastepaallikko(at)

Things to remember when registering

For family exercise classes (adult-child groups), please register the child, and the fee for the adult will be included in the invoice. The participating adult will be added to the child’s information as a guardian. The guardian whose name is entered first will be added as a member of the group. The adult who attends the class may change, so it does not necessarily have to be exactly the same person as the one registered at the start of the season. The adult’s part of the season fee can be paid with sport vouchers.

Use the group links on the website to register for the adults’ group exercise classes. When registering more than one class, choose the Unlimited season fee (EUR 220) for the first class only.


Prices per season (autumn/spring). Invoices have a 14-day payment period, with the option of being granted a longer payment period if necessary.

Family exercise

45 min EUR 120

Children and young people

Classes 1 time/week

  • 45 min EUR 130
  • 60 min EUR 145
  • 90 min EUR 190

Exercises 1 time/week + performance at Stara

  • 60 min EUR 160
  • 90 min EUR 210

Exercises 2 times/week + performance at Stara

  • 120 min (2 x 1 h) EUR 270
  • 150 min (1 h + 1.5 h) EUR 290
  • 180 min (2 x 1.5 h) EUR 310

Flow gymnastics competition group “Lyyrat”

  • 180 min (2 x 1.5 h) EUR 350, the season fee covers one competition per season

Competitive cheer dance group “Polaris

  • 180 min (2 x 1.5 h) EUR 375, the season fee covers one competition per season

Competitive hobby groups for Group Gymnastics

  • 8–10 years EUR 450
  • Other teams EUR 525
  • The price includes participation in a competition or a Stara event (2–3 events), an intensive training day and a camp day. The season fee is divided into two parts, one at the beginning and one in the middle of the season.
  • Participation in one class EUR 120
  • Unlimited participation in classes EUR 220
  • Activity fee for competitive gymnastics groups (Olenaiset, Quut, Magnetar) EUR 40. The activity fee covers the compensation paid to the judges and 1-2 extra classes due to preparation for the competitions during the season.
Membership fee 2024
  • Over 15 years EUR 25
  • Under 15 years EUR 15

Each year’s membership fee is charged with the spring season fee or when a new member first registers. In family sports groups, both the child and the adult must pay the membership fee.

  • trial classes (two) are free of charge, and if the registration is cancelled afterwards, the full season fee will be refunded
  • please note that, after the two tryout classes, the season fee will only be refunded against a doctor’s certificate.
  • the membership fee will not be refunded
  • if classes have to be cancelled for more than half of the season due to an epidemic/pandemic, half of the season fee will be refunded
  • If less than half of the season has to be cancelled due to an epidemic/pandemic, remote classes will be arranged via a video call/meeting app
Exercise facilities

You can find more detailed instructions for finding the exercise facilities and how to participate in them here.

Most sports facilities have limited space in the changing room, so we recommend that you put on your gym clothes at home under your outer wear. Please note that the majority of the sports facilities are used by the club as so-called self-monitoring sessions, which means that the doors are always locked during the class and opened around 10 minutes before the start.

Accident insurance

All members of the recreational groups are insured in the Nordic region with Jumppaturvavakuutus. The insurance covers sports injuries during exercise classes by Olarin Voimistelijat. You can find the product information and instructions for the Jumppaturvavakuutus insurance here:

Important dates for spring 2024
  • Week 2 (starting on 8 Jan) the spring season for recreational groups begins
  • Week 8 (19–25 February) winter holiday, hours cancelled/winter gymnastics camp for 6–12-year-olds, read more here
  • Week 10 (4–10 March) open doors/bring-a-friend days in groups for children and young people:
    • Open doors in groups for children under the age of 10¨. Come and attend a lesson!
    • For groups of children over 10 years old, bring your friends with you to class!
  • 29 March – 1 April Easter holiday, no classes
  • 30 April –1 May, May Day, no classes
  • 5 May Spring show